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It has been some time since I posted anything here as life finally has taken hold of me again but with the craziness of this year’s elections, I had to put this up.

Every now and then I read the news and participate in the comment sections. It is one of my guilty pleasures in life. As polls continue to go south for Trump folly after folly, I began to realize that people who support Trump often would defend Trump by posting negative/vile comments about Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and the like, even if the article is exclusively on Trump’s actions and election prospects.

It was jarring to regularly see people discrediting the article, the news company, facts, and other people’s reasoning without providing anything to back up their claim. One day, I had an idea: Can Trump supporters say anything nice about Trump without saying anything negative about others? The seed for this question arose because I rarely saw Trump supporters mention Trump unless it was something like “Trump 2016” or “Trump will win”. So was it possible to actual provide redeeming qualities for a man who constantly self-destructs his own image in the media?

After a couple of days , I repeated my little experiment. Then I decided that I need to start recording the results. I will admit that I am missing the first day’s worth of comments and the next couple of days are a bit spotty (The website would let me see oh so many comments). But I got what I could and will continue this little social experiment. Before I post images, I would like to address an obvious issue. This is in no way a conclusive study. The comments are only posted on one site and I have no idea how many people saw the question. I would also say that there must certainly be nice things said about Trump somewhere on the Internet. I think so anyway. But this experiment is very limited but it still can provide some insight.

Day 1: Missing but I remember getting the comment “His hair is nice”. Chances are, this was meant as sarcasm. I concluded that Trump supporters had nothing nice to say of their candidate without being mean to other people.

Day 2: Seeing many of the same negative attacks on Clinton in defense of Trump, I decided I should try this experiment again. It was odd. I began to really believe that Trump supporters really could not positive about their candidate without bashing someone else.



Day 3:

By now, I decided that I should definitely keep record of these exchanges. Again, I pose the same question as before but I also pose the reverse question to Clinton supporters. It just would not be scientific enough without that data.


I will post more as days go by. Maybe I will be lucky.