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About a week ago, a friend and I were talking about who we would vote for in the upcoming primary in Illinois. Clearly, we wouldn’t vote for Trump because it is the sole definition of madness. We both think Kasich would be a great Republican candidate but alas, he is too reasonable. Next, the Democrats. Clinton or Sanders? We both chose Sanders and explained how we came to our individual choices. Then my friend asked a very interesting question: Why do so many black people support Clinton?

I was unprepared for that one. As a black guy, I never thought about it before. A reason did come to me though and I explained my thoughts, which I will do later. After I had finished, I told him he gave me a good idea for a new blog post. Fast forward a week. No blog post yet. I go to Facebook and see the same question from another friend on the home page. Why do black people support Clinton?

My answer to my first friend was pretty simple. Name recognition and association. Like them or not, everyone knows the Clintons and have an opinion of them. For black people, the opinion falls more on the positive side. First, the Clintons are Democrats. Simple enough since black communities tend to vote Democrat. Second, black people associate Clinton with economic success although not only black people who make this association. Next, Hilary has had an amazing political career herself. First Lady to New York Senator to presidential contender to Secretary of State and back to presidential contender. She is gives the impression of vitality and strength. No one can question her experience in handling tense situations or her foreign diplomacy skills. She is someone who can knock the crazy in the GOP down a notch.

Compare her to Bernie Sanders. Not many people knew who he was before this year’s election cycle. An Independent senator who is often associate with socialism which has negative connotations despite the fact our country has socialist policies. He doesn’t give the same strong vibe that Clinton gives off which means the crazy GOP may trample all over him.

Basically, many black people support Clinton based on perceived imagery. Very similar to the Trump camp. Why vote for a narcissistic ass? (No link necessary) Easy. Name recognition. He has a lot of money so he is associated with success. He appears to be a strong alpha who will “get things done”. He also gives hope to people who believe that foreigners, minorities, and non-Christians have taken control of America and utterly destroyed it. Despite the bats&%t crazy things he has said or done, his positive image persists among supporters.


Some of you may be wondering, “Hey, you’re black, right? Why don’t you support Clinton?”

The answer is I once did support Hilary Clinton. I associated her with reason and opportunity. Then 2008 happened. As we tried to pick up the pieces from the global economic collapse, I got more into politics. During on of my news binge, I read that one factor of the 2008 collapse was caused by the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. Essentially, this law prevented big banks from engaging in commercial activities. With it gone, banks could mix commercial and investment banking together which meant, as I understand it, that money the average person puts into a bank can be used in banking investment activities. If things goes bust…

There are opposing arguments to the Glass-Steagall claim but I do have another reason why I cannot support Clinton. It is not about her e-mails or Benghazi. It is not that she didn’t kill Bill (teehee) after his affair. It is the fact that she “knows how the system works”. Under this logic, she would be able to navigate the obstruction in D.C and get laws passed. Sounds great until you look at the system. Elected officials are supposed to represent the constituents of their state but it feels more like they represent lobbying groups and big donors. In fact, the average politician spends more time fundraising than legislating. So far, the system does not favor the average American. It favors whoever has the most influence on the official.

With Clinton, I do not feel that I would have a chance to have better opportunities for myself and my future children. I feel the odds will stay the same and D.C will just go back to its regularly scheduled program. Unfortunately, if I had to choose between Hilary and Trump…I don’t have a Platinum Asinine Card, so Hilary it is.