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Back in 2011, I honestly thought Americans were losing their minds…then I revised that notion and limited it only to Republicans. They booed a soldier for being gay. They were happy a hypothetical ill man would not receive free healthcare. All of their presidential candidates, with the exception of Jon Huntsman, tried to out-crazy each other to appeal to their insane voting base.

We know how that story ends. Romney was nominated and soundly defeated because most of America is not bats#*t crazy. Now, we have the 2016 elections and, like Pokemon, the crazy evolved.

Summer of last year, I heard Donald Trump was running for president and I thought, “No way this dude can win! People can’t be that dumb to vote for him!” Clearly, I was wrong. By December I thought, “No way he should win!” Now that he appears to be the likely Republican presidential candidate, my thought is, “What the f#*k America?! Seriously?! I came back for this?!” How did we get so crazy?

In truth, I think America has been this crazy for decades. We just finally get to see it. As far back as I can remember, I began noticing traces of it after 9/11. It was like we went from a nation promoting moderation to encouraging fervent ideological loyalty. Some would say extremism. Jingoism. Suddenly, Muslims were the enemy. The president became virtually infallible. Torture was a’okay. And as the saying went, “If you don’t like America, then GET OUT!”

For years, any objective criticism was met with aggressive accusations of disloyalty or terrorist sympathy. At the time, I just assumed my fellow countrymen were indeed braindead idiots. It made sense at the time but I couldn’t tell them that. I was a black college-bound kid who may have been a few short skips away from FBI custody. Again, it made sense at the time.

2008, Obama is elected. The crazies, aka Tea Party, became more vocal and began hijacking the Republican party. Fortunately, they, and the GOP that tried to woo them, were careful to not be too inflammatory. Just enough.

Trump’s campaign destroys the modest inflammation approach. He replaces “modest” with “un-f*#k-you-pologetic”. And people love it. Finally, a guy who goes out and clearly says what the crazies truly believe. Obama, the Muslim Kenyan, has utterly destroyed America but we can make it great again. Crime is caused by anyone who doesn’t look like us. Women are not always rational because they bleed once a month. We will kick Putin in the nuts. F#*k the Muslims and let’s bomb the crap out of them. There is nothing wrong with a little waterboarding.

You get the idea.


If by some off chance Cthulhu (because Satan is still scratching his head) moves the stars for a Trump presidency, I think I will have to leave the country. Even with police brutality and the possibility of being arbitrarily shot dead, I feel a Trump administration will create a system that will be the Trump way and nothing else…basically a democratic dictatorship. It can be like North Korea whose official name is Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is neither democratic or a republic. Not even sure it is an “of”. I digress.

I cannot live in a country where the leader of the country advocates for violence and vitriol against fellow Americans simply because they do not have the same twisted beliefs. Despite the claim that he represents the “silent majority”, he is symbolic of an abrasive, obnoxious, asinine, xenophobic, insecure, intransigent minority still living in the pre-Civil War era who unfortunately have access to modern technology to spread their hatred. And if I may quote, “This isn’t the America I grew up in!”