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*NOTE: To protect identities, names have been blackened.* 

If you have read any of my blogs before, it is needless to say that I think Donald Trump is a self-absorbed, asinine, bully who spreads hatred within America. If you don’t believe me, Google “trump violence”. This election cycle has revealed just how crazy the GOP base is which is a huge step up from the 2012 cycle.

So after the events here in Chicago, the media has started to address the violence that seems to always sprout up during Trump’s events. Sure you can say the Trump protestors started it…by being there…but you cannot deny that these violent events only happen where Trump is. With all of this, my belief that Trump supporters were all idiots with a cult mentality was solidified.

A couple of mornings ago, I looked on my Facebook feed and a friend of mine wanted to know from Trump supporters why they support the candidate. Naturally, I assumed that no one in their right mind would support Trump in his social circle…Not quite. Several people in his circle do support Trump. In that moment, I made a decision that I think we as dissenting people often forget to make. Either I can listen to his reasonings and ask questions. Or, I can call him bats%&t-f$#king crazy and digitally yell all the reasons why Trump is Hitler 2.0. I chose the former.

No Trump

As the supporter explained his position, I saw that the reasoning fell in line with my claim in my last blog post: perception. It was an interesting conversation and with my friend’s permission, I have posted it with all names but mine blocked out. (Because you can probably find my name out anyway.)

Sure, it is easier to label and make fun of the opposing side. I know I do! But when you have to chance to have a rational conversation, we should take it. Some people reading this will probably say that Trump supporters are not rational. I would say that Trump supporters can be rational if you can remove the rhetoric, the intense emotions, and the urge to prove them wrong. They really are normal people! And like most normal people, they are not aware of the effects media has on their opinions nor are they very involved with politics. Most people are thinking about the well-being of themselves and the people close to them. Unfortunately, normal people can be driven by fear and become nasty demons; forgetting that the opposing voice is also from normal people with the same basic values.

Although I and the supporter have opposing views on some issues, we were able to have a decent exchange which I am happy for. Too often people can get caught up in rhetoric and become too obtuse to even try to discuss their views in depth. We both did not resort to name calling. No threats were made. I would imagine that debates in the distant past would look something like our exchange.

Even so, I still say Trump is a complete moron bent on dividing America and destroying the Republican party…Although, the Republican party welcomed in the crazy with open arms.