Got something to say?
Don’t let the blog name fool you. Whether you are a boomer or a gen z, all are welcomed to post! Just a few things to keep in mind when posting.

  1. Posts should be 500+ words.
  2. All topics are open for discussion. (Including anime and food)
  3. Do try to provide some sort of insight.
  4. Be as angry as you like but be civil.
  5. Profanity is tolerated but keep it limited.
  6. If you want to rant about your life, tie it in to a larger discussion. (This is not the place to air laundry.)
  7. Verify your links! Any link that contains malware or inappropriate content is cause of removal!
  8. Rumoring and false accusations is a cause of removal. If you are joking, make it obvious enough.
  9. This should go without saying but no soliciting.

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