Beginning An Experiment


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It has been some time since I posted anything here as life finally has taken hold of me again but with the craziness of this year’s elections, I had to put this up.

Every now and then I read the news and participate in the comment sections. It is one of my guilty pleasures in life. As polls continue to go south for Trump folly after folly, I began to realize that people who support Trump often would defend Trump by posting negative/vile comments about Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and the like, even if the article is exclusively on Trump’s actions and election prospects. Continue reading


Talking To A Trump Supporter


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*NOTE: To protect identities, names have been blackened.* 

If you have read any of my blogs before, it is needless to say that I think Donald Trump is a self-absorbed, asinine, bully who spreads hatred within America. If you don’t believe me, Google “trump violence”. This election cycle has revealed just how crazy the GOP base is which is a huge step up from the 2012 cycle.

So after the events here in Chicago, the media has started to address the violence that seems to always sprout up during Trump’s events. Sure you can say the Trump protestors started it…by being there…but you cannot deny that these violent events only happen where Trump is. With all of this, my belief that Trump supporters were all idiots with a cult mentality was solidified. Continue reading

Supporting Clinton


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About a week ago, a friend and I were talking about who we would vote for in the upcoming primary in Illinois. Clearly, we wouldn’t vote for Trump because it is the sole definition of madness. We both think Kasich would be a great Republican candidate but alas, he is too reasonable. Next, the Democrats. Clinton or Sanders? We both chose Sanders and explained how we came to our individual choices. Then my friend asked a very interesting question: Why do so many black people support Clinton?

I was unprepared for that one. As a black guy, I never thought about it before. A reason did come to me though and I explained my thoughts, which I will do later. After I had finished, I told him he gave me a good idea for a new blog post. Fast forward a week. No blog post yet. I go to Facebook and see the same question from another friend on the home page. Why do black people support Clinton? Continue reading

Ain’t No Rest For The Crazy


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Back in 2011, I honestly thought Americans were losing their minds…then I revised that notion and limited it only to Republicans. They booed a soldier for being gay. They were happy a hypothetical ill man would not receive free healthcare. All of their presidential candidates, with the exception of Jon Huntsman, tried to out-crazy each other to appeal to their insane voting base.

We know how that story ends. Romney was nominated and soundly defeated because most of America is not bats#*t crazy. Now, we have the 2016 elections and, like Pokemon, the crazy evolved. Continue reading

Crabs In The Bucket


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Lately, I have found myself writing more about my identity as a young quirky black man now living in America again. Since returning, I have been very cautious of police officers for fear of arbitrary shooting or abuse but I forgot there was another issue that I am more likely to face than a police shooting.

I have mentioned in a couple of previous posts that I do not fit in the “black” community mold. As a child, this bothered me but eventually I came to terms with it, accepted it, and began jamming it down other people’s throats. (Get it? I made a bad Republican anti-gay talking point joke!) Continue reading

Bias Against Black Pundits…


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On Fox News. But to be fair, Fox News is just a terrible excuse of a news station.

This morning I woke up and saw that an actress named Stacey Dash called for the end of BET and Black History Month. I was intrigued. As you may know, I do not like BET because I feel it perpetuates an image of black people that has become what it means to be black while ignoring or ridiculing black people who do not fit in that mold. Who knows? It could have changed since the last time I glanced at the channel but I doubt it.

Black History Month does have a place in American society so I wondered what she would say about it. After tracing back to her blog post, my mind instantly wanted to discredit anything she said. She is a pundit for Fox News! “Here we go a-bloody-gain,” I said aloud. Continue reading

Identity (Part 2)


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identityToday is the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Normally, I do not pay much attention to the holiday because it just feels like an easy way to say “I support equality for all” or “Look how great we are for giving everyone the opportunity to succeed.” Caustic way to view the holiday but those feelings are not applied to the man himself or his beliefs.

For me, MLK Jr has a special place in history for me. When I was in second grade, we went to the Civil Rights Museum to learn about him and the civil rights movement. At the time, I had no clue what the lesson was supposed to be but I was seven and I enjoyed a good field trip. We walked in, saw pictures and videos from that era, and listened to our tour guide give snippets of information. I do not remember much of the trip but three things stood out the most. Continue reading

Identity (Part 1)


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identityRecently one night, I was reflecting over life again and I realized something about myself; I do not talk about myself often. Sounds a bit vain but think about all of the personal information people willingly put on social media. Not just name and address. I mean status updates letting the public know about their day. How they personally feel about something. About relationships. About fallouts. About what they eat. Where they are. Where they are going. Who they are hanging out with. Achievements. Failures. Promotions. Revenge. What they find funny. Political beliefs. Religious beliefs. It seems like the list can go on forever.

I do put such information out there. I think most of us do. But I do not update my status frequently. When I do, it is often distant from me personally. Nothing too personal. Not many details. Why?

As I thought about this, another thought came to mind; Who am I? Continue reading

Ignoring Terrorism 2


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By now you have heard of a group of people taking over government property in Oregon to protest a rancher and his son going back to jail after originally being found guilty of arson. (Last I checked, both men went back to face their sentence without protest.) The protesters were armed and claimed that they were ready to fight and die to protect America from government intrusion…while intruding on government property. The irony.

While all of this was going on, people began asking the most obvious question in the world: Why are we not calling them terrorists? Continue reading

What if…


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trump…Donald Trump was an ISIS recruiter? Obviously he isn’t one. His hair will not allow him to be. However, he was recently used in a recruitment video by the Islamic extremist group Al-Shabab so the idea is hard to pass up.

I know Al-Shabab and ISIS are not really affiliated with each other but they do share a lot of the same ideas. Both groups are religious extremists. Both want to live life as if it is still the 7th century. Both use violence and fear to get what they want. Both want to impose Sharia Law to its fullest extant. So Trump could honestly be a recruiter for either group but we will use ISIS.

Now, I am no Trump expert simply because I block out most of what he says but below is how I would envision an ISIS recruiting Trump. Continue reading