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On Fox News. But to be fair, Fox News is just a terrible excuse of a news station.

This morning I woke up and saw that an actress named Stacey Dash called for the end of BET and Black History Month. I was intrigued. As you may know, I do not like BET because I feel it perpetuates an image of black people that has become what it means to be black while ignoring or ridiculing black people who do not fit in that mold. Who knows? It could have changed since the last time I glanced at the channel but I doubt it.

Black History Month does have a place in American society so I wondered what she would say about it. After tracing back to her blog post, my mind instantly wanted to discredit anything she said. She is a pundit for Fox News! “Here we go a-bloody-gain,” I said aloud.

In the 2008 presidential elections, I stopped trusting anything coming from Fox News unless backed by research and put back into context. It did not matter who said it or what credentials they had. If it is from Fox, distrust until proven true. And that means using logic and evidence, not shouting matches.

Soon afterwards I was introduced to Allen West who would go on the channel to ridicule and judge Obama. After he constantly brought up the image of slavery to compare with Obama’s policies, I knew that he was a political tool. Only black pundits would use the slavery image when criticizing Obama, not the white ones. My guess is if black people say it, then no one can accuse the good folks at Fox News as being racist. But we still can call them racist because the other pundits never bothered to counter the word choices and kept having the black tokens return on air.

Despite my misgivings, I decided to read some of her blog entries anyway as objectively as possible. I will admit she did say something in her BET post that I mostly agree with:

I’m thankful for all of the acting jobs I’ve had.  But I look forward to the day when people don’t self-segregate based on skin color, while loudly complaining about a segregated society.

I do believe that as a society we tend to self-segregate. And, I don’t know about other races, many in black communities do complain about segregation in today’s society while never adventuring to meet people who are different. I would love to see the day when America is a more integrated society.

Now this is where I disagree. All of the races in America did not hold a town hall meeting and decided that they want nothing to do with other races. Most important- and probably intentionally done- she made no mention of institutionalized racism. There was no mention how the poor or working-class have no social mobility and less chances to integrate with other races. Sure, it is not only black people affected by these policies but it all but guarantees that if you start on the lower ranks of the ladder, you will stay on the lower ranks of the ladder. This is typical Fox News punditry. Focus on the corner of a microcosm that supports your view while ignoring the macrocosm filled with facts and evidence that does not corroborate with your ideas.

She concludes this one particular post by writing that “BET lies to American black people by telling them that the rest of America is racist, so stick close to your own kind.” I cannot stress this enough. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. BET! But I like her statement less so kudos BET.

BET does not convey that the rest of America is racist. They simply convey that being black, a certain kind of black, is awesome and you should be proud of yourself. It was designed to be a source of entertainment for the black community featuring predominately black actors. I have never seen or heard of an instance where BET libeled against the rest of America or promote racism. BET is not Fox News!

After reading the first article, I felt lackluster to read the one about Black History Month. By this time, I felt I already knew what she would say and how she would write. Something along the lines of it promotes segregation. Her writing will be short and to the point while lacking analysis. I think I was right but her post was so short that I had to use Morgan Freeman to clarify her stance which was about segregation.

Once more, I agree a little that Black History Month is a bit out there. Then I considered the reason why. The only time notable historical black people came up for discussion in school was Black History Month. It was nice to learn about the men and women who were different and made a change but why wait until February? Why not discuss these people when we hit their time period during history class? That is my major peeve against the concept but beyond that I see why it is needed. Without Black History Month, most people would never stop and reflect on contributions made by the black community. It is an attempt to make everyone realize that blacks in America are not some devil children hellbent on the destruction of America nor are they incredibly dumb animals who cannot integrate into modern society. At least that is how I see it.

Again, Stacy Dash focuses on one tiny thing to support her claim while ignoring everything else connected to the subject. Even Morgan Freeman can’t help her cause!

Then for fun, I decided to read two more articles by her. She ridicules Obama for misquoting America’s age as 250 and corrects him that it is 240. She is wrong too! It is 239 years old. It is not July yet and the president has more taxing issues to think about then getting America’s age exactly. The second article is her praise for Donald Trump for renting out a movie theater and offer free tickets to the propaganda movie about Benghazi. Of course she bashes Hillary Clinton while blissfully ignoring that the State Department, which overseas the protection of diplomats as part of its duty, had its funds slashed by Congress Republicans.

Then again, she is a black Fox News pundit. I really shouldn’t set the bar high for her.